Monday, 12 September 2011

Trees & All Things Green

After staying up late last night starting this blog (and the after effects of an afternoon nap) when I did get into bed my thoughts were a scrambled with ideas and things I wanted to talk about here.

There is so much I'd like to share but before going forward I wanted to go back a little to some older pictures that I have taken.

Green is actually.... most probably... my favourite colour. It reminds me of spring time, new life and luscious fields, grand trees, asparagus... handbags! Not to forget my eyes are green. My daughter on the other hand says bogies are green and much prefers red... like blood & vampires and black like the night... you'll find out more about my charming 5 year old as the blog goes on!

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james said...

Good variation on green! I Love the final image of the forest, and the solitary tree by the lake has a nice "70's feel"

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