Sunday, 11 September 2011

and so it begins

I decided to start a new blog... it's been quite some time since I properly blogged, I guess since going back to work full time in 2008!

Beautiful Pink & Blue Skies
As you can see in my "This is Me" section I am inspired to photograph as much as possible and on 20th September I officially become a part time student on a "City & Guilds Image Capture" year long course. To say I'm excited is an understatement... although I love to photograph, I know I have only the very basics and can't wait to start on the new path of learning in what I see as an art form as well as an obsession!

Ars Longa Vita Brevis, translated is a Latin quote "Art is long life is short"

Looking back at my photographs it is noticeable of my lack of appearance, why? because it is always me behind the camera. I was at the park a few weeks back with my 55-200mm lens and I was approached by an old friend "what are you taking pictures of?".... quite simply "everything".

I am going to be writing this blog to share with you my personal memories, my new talents as I progress through my course and well.....anything else that takes me fancy along the way.... with my left eye!


Anonymous said...

Go for it Hannah. I am so impressed with everything that you have achieved so far and am very proud of you. I look forward to seeing the photographs that you produce using the new techniques that you will learn on your course
Mum x

Ron said...

Looks great Hannah! I am intrigued, have always fancied an education in photography but lack both the time and the equipment so shall be watching your progress with interest.

June Casey said...

I think you have a natural God given talent and you should use it to the full.

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