Thursday, 15 September 2011

Little India

I wasn't planning on blogging about my daughter as yet as I was going to find a nice spot outside for shooting some new photos with both my half-pints. Also I wanted to wait until I started my course to put some techniques into practice.

However, she's been a funny little monkey this week and I think she is actually having somewhat of an identity crisis! She has idolised her big brother for years and the result of which has been a very cute tomboy... this week at school though she has insisted on dresses and pumps for school in place of the usual boots and trousers.

This evening she has undressed from her uniform into a bright red hoody from Woolacombe and a red monster hat... then changed her mind (girls prerogative to be fair!) and much like the brit awards she had rapid wardrobe change and came downstairs like this....

Authentic Indian Outfit from Grandma's last trip to India

Thanks Grandma, it's gorgeous!


June Casey said...

She looks gorgeous as always. Especially like the top photo. x

Hannah Walker said...

The best shot was the one I took when I hadn't got the memory card in Doh!

jacob walker said...

obviously gets her good looks from me! :)

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