Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another little bit of Autumn

It's been a hectic weekend to say the least, thankfully I got some more shots done on Friday before the mayhem of the weekend commenced.

I had just dropped the half pints off at school and on my way out of the village when I spotted the fog and mist across the grounds of Overstone Manor. On a clear day you can see the Manor House from these gates but today was so misty you couldn't see a thing. After pulling up and on closer inspection I spotted the path from the gate was covered in crispy orange leaves... perfect!

The second shot, well I picked this little leafy helicopter up off the floor on my first autumnal photo jaunt and had the idea for it then. It wasn't until friday I had the chance to try it out. I actually have another squillion ideas and places I have driven past that I would like to return to but figured this is my first assignment from college and I shouldn't get too carried away just yet! So I am banking those plans for the bigger project or next assignment.

I also have this tree photograph that I cannot decide whether I prefer in black and white or colour... I know the autumnal theme tends to run along with the colours, the vibrant reds, yellows and burnt oranges etc but I kind of like the black and white for this grand tree. It may not even make the "cut" at all for my homework, we were asked for 5-10 images so I need to pick now! Decisions, decisions. I'm rather nervous about college on Tuesday and sharing my images with the class... I have not seen any of their work yet so it will be a good ice breaker and experience.... just a little daunting!


Rose said...

I like both but for me the coloured one just has a bit more depth as there is more contrast between the dark trunk, to the leaves, to the sun iyswim! I love the sycamore helicopter one!

Hannah Walker said...

Thanks Rose! Tutor liked the b&w one more, everyone has a different opinion on photography was interesting sharing our shots tonight, will blog about it when I get a chance this week!

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