Thursday, 22 September 2011

Random Smiley Lunch

Today I planned to nip to Abington Park in my lunch to see what autumnal delights I could catch with my camera. The turn of events left me smiling so much more than expected!

As I parked up I was in front of a trailer spilling over with cut flowers, they looked like a gardner had been tidying up someone's bushes... apologies now to those of you who that are Au Fait with hardy flower names... I like flowers, I think they're pretty, I like to photograph them sometimes, other times I like them in a vase on my table, but names, well they are not on my priority list of things to learn and remember... ten petal points to whoever names these beauties lol!

So anyway, I got my camera out straight away and took a couple of shots of the trailer.... felt like a symbol of the end of a season, cutting them back for Autumn.

Then the gentleman emerged from the house again, only this time he was carrying the most amount of flowers I've ever seen one man carry in my life! Inspired by Carey Sheffield's "50 Portraits in 50 Days" and the gutsy way she has approached strangers for photographs, I decided what the hell and politely asked him if I could take his picture. He asked why, I explained I was a student (which made me smile to myself!) then he agreed but said "let me just tuck my shirt in" he then promptly placed half the flowers on the floor and tucked himself in! Although I was a tad gutted he wasn't carrying them all, I think you'll agree it still turned out to be a random but good shot!

I asked him more about what he was doing and he said they tidy up the gardens and recycle the flowers at the florist "greener you see" which I thought was lovely. I walked away smiling my head off, chuffed at the randomness of it all and for having the balls to ask a stranger if I could take a photo of him. I went off to the park and took some more shots and when I got back to my car he had gone with his car and trailer full of flowers and I noticed on the pavement one solitary little bloom left behind...


Jake Walker said...

cool, i like the one of the back of the trailer it looks awesome!
your lucky you get to do homework and play with your 'toy'.

Rose said...

hydrangeas my dear!

louisa said...

love that picture of the one solitary one left behind.... lovely to see you are having fun with this...anytime u fancy a woodland walk, let me know xx

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