Saturday, 15 October 2011

Tinkling the Ivories

I have finally decided on what theme to run through my portraiture project! People's interests and hobbies, i did on Tuesday evening actually! I then had to keep writing ideas down after they kept popping into my head... whilst I was trying to sleep!

I also have my homework of contrasts so had a little think of how I can do this to run in with my theme too. I began with photographing my daughter at her tennis lesson this morning and then on to my Mother-in-law's which is what I am going to share with you today.

Gill is a doting Grandma and loves to play the piano together with my little lady. Having been a music teacher, as well as a head teacher, it was lovely to watch them together. She would ask Erin to play animal music... snakes, monkey, hippopotamus etc and Erin would change the style to suit. Erin was also partial to a spot of sad music and even monster music!

With windows at both ends of the room and the piano between a wall and sofa, the light was tricky and angles even trickier! It did give me the chance to use my lovely new flash and I am pleasantly pleased with this action portrait...

And for my contrasting image I have gone with young & old, love this picture of their hands playing away...

I didn't want to leave, they played so beautifully together, it was especially cute that Erin picks the music book and selects different pages... she is intelligent but not quite genius, she can't actually read music!
As you can see music makes you smile... especially the improvised ivory tinkling of a five year old :)