Tuesday, 11 October 2011

College Studio...

Oooh I've had lots of fun playing with the studio tonight, lights, f-stops, ISO and shutter speed!

First of all we talked about the legality of photograph taking, in public, public buildings, private building, the law, terrorism, harassment, invasion of privacy and so on. Helps a lot with my thoughts on what I might do my project portfolios on. Really must get started on this soon.

Also we have to keep a workbook of the mini tasks we're doing, so it's off to hobbycraft this weekend me thinks!

I'm really starting to get to grips with my camera technically a bit more now and it was good to try out the studio lights a bit more this evening. We split into two groups, one group sat with the tutor going through the technical side of their cameras and the other in the studio... I flitted between the two! Here are the Tog Students in their natural habitat...

The pregnant lady wasn't in today, was gutted as I really wanted to show her Baby Bethany! I hope she is ok, don't think she was due for a few more weeks yet!

I thought I'd share with you some of the better portraits that turned out from my studio frolics of my class mates!

There are lots of giggles and fun with this crazy lady! First image was a little on the bright side, I have tried to adjust that a little in photoshop. I really like the second one, she did actually take one of me too, bent behind my tripod... could see right down my cleavage!

This young lady is an A-level student, and way too cool for school... she said that she always looks moody in photos that are taken of her when she is off guard... it's not deliberate she said she just looks that way! I found her easy to photograph as she seemed natural and comfortable in front of the camera.

We've a new mini-task from tonight to gets some shots on Contrasts/Opposites. Will have to have little think and spend some time out without the kids to get some images. First part is to produce a pair of images that contrast with each other and then the second is to combine contrasting elements within each photograph... things like manmade and natural, still and moving, large and small, old and new etc.