Sunday, 16 October 2011


I went for a leisurely stroll to a derelict delight. I first spotted this place when I was doing lots of outdoor running. It was actually dusk when we ran past it and the building was lit up and eery. I decided to check it out in daylight and see if I could get closer to get some images.

I wasn't disappointed... we found a little hole in the fence and creeped through...

It had such a grand entrance, it's been like this for some time as you can see the plants are growing from the inside out now. I looked it up online for some background on this place, it was ruined originally by fire 10 years ago. Approximately 60% of the building was gutted within 12 hours, destroying the house and it's extravagant  features and has pretty much been sat there since. It is up for sale for a cool £1million but is guessed to probably cost £5million to restore.

For some reason, some twurp has felt the need to dump a load of tyres here, just on the inside of the little hole in the fence... I don't get it?! it's not like you were being opportunist as you drive past, it's about half a mile up from the main road.

There were loads of "floating" fireplaces... I would have liked to get in a bit further but it really didn't look like it would be safe!

You can see the charred wood here on the right, remnants of floorboard or ceiling too!
I should have got a picture with myself and Jake... my 12 year old trusty tripod carrier!! I was a little nervous though as it was the first time I'd explored a derelict building for photos. Think he quite enjoyed the history of it all... history is his best subject at school!

Can't wait for my next exploration...