Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Manmade Today!

College this evening and we went from fruit last week to manmade this week.

I have a slightly poorly girl after her flu jab yesterday so I wasn't particularly prepared for college. Thankfully other people brought plenty in and we were also given access to the workshop classroom which has some interesting things to shoot.

I did quite a bit of wandering from one room to the next to see what everyone else was up to! The main aim of the game was to experiment with lighting and compositions.
I quite like the 'lastic band ball and how it is lit and shaded...

My random contributions to the class were items retrieved from the boot of my car! Boxing gloves and roller-skates... It was suggested I put them both on and start a new sport whilst the others took shots, I think it could take off!

and finally the slightly worn-nippled mannequin, rocking it with the headphones...

I'm off to Bath this weekend and hoping to get some street photography in!