Friday, 4 November 2011

We're going to London to buy a Heat magazine

Guess where I've been?

Had an awesome time in London at a friend's annual work party. Mr W came up trumps with the most amazing hotel in Soho... the Sanctum Hotel... amazing! The double upgrade was a bonus but the best thing about it besides the decor, the luxury, the professional photographs framed and lining the walls... was undoubtedly the concierge! With a voice like Ewan McGregor and the biggest personality, the man would quite simply do anything for you, I can think of a few people to send to him for a lesson in customer service, just fantastic, oh and there's the bowler hat.
He obliged for some photographs but actually the best shot I got was of him talking to a client in the lobby...

I also used this shot in my first submission to a project group, the theme was product placement... I'm a little nervous of what the other Togs will think of it... 

We went to the National Portrait Gallery this morning, was great to look at Portraiture paintings and photographs. I particularly enjoyed the comedian section.

There was so much to see around London, I must confess I am a mahoosive fan of people watching, probably why I enjoy portraits so much. As we pounded the pavements of Trafalgar Square, The Strand, and The Mall, I kept stopping for shots and giggling to myself each time Mr W noticed further up that I was no longer walking by his side!

I've gone for a bit of a black and white thang today... I absolutely love black and white but feel the need most the time to try and not do too much of it as I am going through this journey, however after my visit to the Gallery today I became inspired, I realised that portraits are amazing in B&W and if I like it then I should just go with it... they're my shots after all.

More Street Photography than Portrait but I love this shot

Best Busker ever!

And finally, I just had to share this photograph, nothing to do with the merits of the shot as it's not the best photo... just check this dude out in London in NOVEMBER....